Outsourced services for international groups or corporate service providers

NWT combines cost efficiency with experience and knowledge. Benefit from our experience. Our goal is to facilitate your process, and help you focus on your core business activities.

Our qualified personnel in the relevant fields enables us to offer a comprehensive solution allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities. We have the flexibility to operate through our own software or yours.

Our outsourcing services include:
● Acting as an outsourcing partner to other operators
● Company secretarial responsibilities
● Full back-office administration




NWT provides a full suite of fund administration services for both open-end and
closed-end funds.

Corporate Administration Solutions


The seamless and compliant integration into our clients’ businesses across multiple jurisdictions enables us to unlock shareholder value.

Accounting & Administration


Our teams are fully capable to take over accounting and administration tasks. This allows our clients to optimise their workflow by mobilizing their precious resources onto their core competencies.

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