Accounting & Administration

Focus on your competencies by relying on our accounting and administration services.

With our longstanding global client-base, we have acquired the necessary skills and ability to take a global view and approach with regards to
each clients’ specific needs.

Accounting & administration services include:

  • Maintaining books & records
  • Provision of company secretarial services
  • Preparation of annual/monthly financial statements
  • Calculation of Net Asset Values on any frequency
  • Equalisation and waterfall distribution calculations
  • Managing the implementation of fund accounting policies and fund operational procedures
  • Calculation and payment of service providers’ fees (e.g. investment management & performance fees)
  • Liaising with the custodian to process settlement of sales & purchases of securities
  • Preparation of portfolio valuation reports, capital account statements and any other relevant reports
  • Coordinating year-end audits

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